Our Crimping tool WZ0.08-16 allows a precise hexagonal crimp of wire end ferrules with or without insulation. Wire end ferrules with a cross section from 0.08 to 16.0 mm² can easily be processed in one tool without adjustment.

Thanks to the adjusted movable locator wire end ferrules with a small cross section can also be located safely. The movable locator can be adjusted at the front and at the back side of the tool so that the tool is suitable for both right and left handed users.

An outstanding handling of the tool is guaranteed by the small width of the handles, the low weight and the ergonomic soft handles with slip off protection.


Our crimp hand tools WZ0.14-6.0, WZ2.5-10, WZ10-16, WZ25+35 & WZ50 are for the application of wire end ferrules, with or without insulation sleeve, are based on our WZ crimp tool series and offers you a suitable crimp hand tool for your tooling needs.

In accordance with the application needs, you can insert the ferrules and the cable from the side or the front. Different crimping forms like hexagon, square, trapezium, double 'W' or round crimp are available. The WZ hand tool series meets the highest presicion of crimp results with a very comfortable force transmisssion, even for large cross sections. 


Download WZ0.08-16 operation manual, click here

Download WZ ferrule instruction manual, click here