JST UK has a range of crimping presses available, to suit the various types of applicators that we can supply.

These include our original AP-K2 flywheel presses, and the updated model, the AP-K2N, which will accept the JST specific applicators, with a 160 mm shut height.

We also have a range of industry standard applicators and die-sets, which are designed to fit into the universal crimping presses with a 135.78 mm shut height.

JST UK can supply a Mecal TT crimping press to accomodate these tools. The TT is a modern direct drive gearbox press, which will accept all applicators conforming to the industry standard 135.78 mm shut height specification.

This is a very well-received press, due to the simplicity of setting and operation and the integral, interlocked safety cover.

The JST AP-F6 and the updated AP-F7 pneumatic crimping presses are available to crimp Tape-On-Reel (TOR) uninsulated and insulated closed barrel terminals.

The AP-2D pneumatic press is designed for use with JST's range of H2A applicators, for semi-automatic termination of ID connectors to wire.