The ergonomically designed JST range of hand tools has been developed to offer our

customers a high quality, easy to use and cost effective solution to their hand crimping requirements. The following details are an example of some of the features to be found in the JST hand tool range:


ERGONOMIC DESIGN. The tools are designed to fit the hand in a comfortable and natural way. This ensures that the risk of RSI is reduced when using the tools for extended



ACCURACY. The profiles of the die-forms replicate those found in the semi and fully automatic range of application tooling. This ensures that the quality and dimensional specification of the crimped terminal is maintained when using a hand tool.


EASY LOCATION. All the tools incorporate a wire stop to ensure that the insulation of the wire is located in the correct position in the crimping terminal.


INNOVATIVE DESIGN. Many of the tools incorporate a unique terminal locator to ensure that the terminal is held in the optimum position for accurate, repetitive crimping.


SIMPLE TO USE. The tool offers simple two-handed operation and the incorporation of the wire stop and terminal locator ensures that inexperienced personnel can produce a correctly terminated product every time.


ECONOMICALLY PRICED. All the hand tools in the range are very competitively priced and offer an attractive solution to low volume usage requirements.


CALIBRATION SERVICE. JST offer lifetime support for our range of hand tools and we provide a full repair and calibration service to ensure that your hand tool always produces a crimp that is within the manufacturers original design specifications.


FULL TECHNICAL SUPPORT. JST offer full technical support on all our products, this includes full product documentation which is available by request and a team of Technical Support Engineers to help with any enquiries concerning the range of tooling & associated products.


CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT. JST have a programme of continuous product development and the range of hand tools is constantly evolving. Please contact our Technical Services Department if you have a specific requirement for a hand tool to crimp JST products, even if it is not currently available it may be under development.


QUICK DELIVERY. JST hold a large inventory of all of the available range of hand tools, this enables us to offer ex-stock delivery on most occasions.


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