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Application Tooling

JST have a wide range of application tooling to support our products.

These range from a basic ratchet hand tool, through to semi-automatic bench tooling and up to fully automatic terminating machines.

The tooling is illustrated within the following section. If you wish for further details of any type of tooling, please telephone 01986 874276, or e-mail TechServ@jst.co.uk


Wiring Harness Builder

JST UK Ltd have the facility to produce small batch quantities of crimped leads, with either a crimped terminal on both ends of the wire, or a crimped terminal one end and a strip, or a semi-strip on the other end.

The crimped wires are available in a variety of colours and styles and can be configured to any length.

The online harness builder gives the option to assemble crimped wires from a range of JST's most popular connector ranges, order on line and pay by credit card.